10 Google Play Stats You Should Know

For last couple of weeks I have been working on to crawl Google Play (US) to create a dataset of all the all the apps available in the platform. My intentions were rooted in App Store Optimization(ASO) and app marketing.

At first, I was scraping the data in multiple CSV files, but that seemed unmanageable after some time. So I switched on to PostgreSQL later. The second iteration of the dataset seems to be in a good shape now. No, it’s not complete yet! Nonetheless, it’s a good enough dataset of 1,118,620 apps available in Google Play U.S. store; good enough to get some insights from.

So, this morning I ran some SQL queries on the database to find answers for 10 simple questions, and here is what I found:

#1 How many developers/publishers are there on Google Play?
The number seems to be 261,500+ in the U.S. store. On average every publisher has 4.3 apps on Google Play (U.S.).

#2 How many of the developers have secured a developer badge like ‘Top Developer’ or ‘Editor’s Choice’?
Total number of developers with a badge is 494. Among them, 458 developers hold a ‘Top Developer’ badge each. Interestingly, there are 24 apps which sport a single character name!

#3 How many apps actually use any of the monetization techniques (that is, in-app purchase and premium app) offered by Google Play?

Google Play Apps Monetization Techniques

As you can see in the table, 79.4% of apps don’t use any monetization tool offered by Google Play (i.e. these apps are free and offers no in-app purchase). If you are thinking about why Google Play’s aggregate app revenues are still lower than iTunes App Store, then you should also take this into consideration.

And for the people who are still interested to play with paid apps, the median app price on Google Play is $1.50.

#4 How different apps use the 30 character limit for app name (since it’s deemed very important for ASO)?
The median app name length is 18 characters. Around 60,250 or 5.4% apps use all 30 characters for a name.

#5 How different apps use the description field (character limit: 4,000)?
In terms description, the median length is 566 characters.

#6 How many apps use video in Google Play to promote the app?
In our database, only 118,751 apps use video in the app page, which amounts to just 10.6%. This is pretty low considering YouTube is deemed as the number two source for game discovery by U.S. mobile gamers.

#7 No of developers/publishers who have provided a physical address.
58,173 of the developers have provided physical address in the app page. This is approx. 22.2% in the U.S. store.

#8 How apps are doing in terms of user reviews?
Approximately 193,900 or 17.3% apps have no user review on Google Play (U.S.). While there are 197 apps with more than 1 million user reviews. The median user review number for apps is just 8.

#9 How are the apps distributed in terms of filesize?
297 apps sports a file size of 1GB or more. Around 223,150 apps are less than 1 MB in size. Most of the other apps falls in between. The estimated median app size in Google Play is 2.3 MB.

#10 How many apps are optimized for different devices?
Only 12,140 of 1,118,620 apps in our dataset is optimized for different Android devices. That’s just 1.1% of the apps.

If you have any specific question you want to ask shoot me an email at manoj@alo.ventures

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