Bangladeshi Mobile Game Developers Meet at BASIS

Bangladesh is a land of opportunity. With such energetic youth and talented individuals we have great potential, in Gaming Industry too. Its our believe. We want to show the world why we believe so.

We have organized a small event about “Developing Mobile Gaming Industry in Bangladesh“. We have done a panel discussion about “Scope & Challenges in Bangladeshi Gaming Industry”. Few very promising and most established Game Developing Firm had demoed what they do, and share their achievement. This was a joint event with GDG Sonargaon and Mobile Monday. Event held at BASIS Auditorium from 5PM-7:30PM on August 11st.

Event Details

Press Release (English)

Bangladeshi Mobile Game Developers Meet at BASIS to Explore Scopes and Challenges to Tap the $17.1 Billion Sector

Dhaka. August 12, 2014 – Bangladeshi entrepreneurs working in mobile game development has gathered at BASIS Auditorium on August 11, 2014 to discuss the challenges and scopes of the $17.1 billion mobile gaming sector. The event was jointly organized by BASIS, Alo Ventures, Mobile Monday and GDG-Sonargaon. MCC’s Md. Ashraf Khan and Mostafa Zaki Haider, and Alo Ventures’ Manoj Pravakar Saha and M Asif Rahman jointly moderated the event. The issues identified in the event will be on BASIS’s Mobile App and Games Standing Committee’s top agenda for the next two years.

Maiaz M Rahman, CEO, Pechas Game Studios, opened the session with his keynote speech on mobile gaming industry and the challenges faced by Bangladeshi mobile game development firms. He said, “I believe we have an incredible pool of talent in this country. I believe that with proper guidance and a sincere attitude we can accomplish things yet to be imagined. I believe, because I have experienced a part of this feeling.”

The keynote session was followed by panel discussion. The panel was headed by Google’s Country Engineering Consultant Dr. Khan Md Anwarus Salam, Pechas Game Studios’ CEO Maiaz M Rahman, ITIW’s CEO Tanveer Ahmed, Voxelive Games’ CEO Md. Adnan Islam, Tapstarapps’ CEO A.K.M. Masuduzzaman, 143Play’s Founder M M Hasan, Massivestar Studio’s Managing Director SM Mahabub Alam, Spinoff Studio’s Asaduzzaman Asad, Cuadrolabs’ Co-founder Iftekhar Russel, Appnometry’s Director Riyadh Hossain, MobioApp’s COO Md. Shamsul Arefeen, and Softwindtech’s CEO Moinur Hossain. Entrepreneurs from other aspiring mobile game ventures also attended the open session.

The discussion identified that there are success stories of Bangladeshi mobile game development firms, but the lack of a complete eco-system is hampering growth. The panelists advised young mobile game developers to explore individual segments of the sector instead of trying to start as a full-fledged gaming studio from the beginning.

Issues relating to purchasing and receiving money through Google Play Store and iTunes store also came in the forefront. Bangladesh Bank doesn’t have any e-wallet regulation, which is barring the industry to take off. Google’s Country Engineering Consultant Dr. Khan Md Anwarus Salam said that his company will integrate the payment gateway for Bangladesh as soon as the government clears the policy barriers.

The non-existence of game development education was identified as a major barrier for growth. The game studios have to invest a lot of time and money to train developers before they can start producing results. Government policy support is needed in this segment.

Two major issues that were in the center-stage of the discussion were marketing and finance. The panelists discussed about the marketing challenges they have to face because of fierce competition for player acquisition globally. With increasing marketing spending, the financial risks are ever increasing. Hence, growth is hampered. Government funding, similar to Finland mobile gaming industry, can help the industry reach its potential.

The key findings of the discussion will be used to formulate a 2-year roadmap for BASIS Mobile and Games Standing Committee.

The organizers look forward to hold more events on mobile gaming sector with industry professionals to build awareness and take the sector forward.



Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) is the national trade body for Software & IT Enabled Service industry of Bangladesh. Established in 1997, the association has been working with a vision of developing vibrant software & IT service industry in the country. BASIS started its journey with only 17 charter members. Today the membership stands at more than 800. Members of BASIS account for the lion share of the total software & IT services revenue of the country. BASIS, through its regular programs and activities, works on the following broad objectives.

About Alo Ventures

Alo Ventures is a mobile game and app marketing startup. The firm works with indie-game developers and app developers market their product/service to reach its full potential. The firm also provides publishing services to developers in different markets.

About Mobile Monday

MobileMonday (MoMo) is an open, non-profit networking organization ( grassroot ) for all interested parties and persons in and for the mobile industry. The non-profit organization has set itself the goal, primarily to promote cooperation and cross-border business development through live networking events and to share ideas with others, best practice -Examples and trends of global markets to transport. Established as a grass root organization in the fall of 2000 in Helsinki , Finland , MobileMonday is now in over 100 cities (called chapters) active worldwide.

About GDG Sonargaon

GDG Sonargaon is the newest Google Developer Group in Bangladesh. It works more closely with the professional developers. Its activities are centered around capacity development, localization and mostly on android application development.

Press Contact

Manoj Pravakar Saha
Alo Ventures
Unique Trade Center(UTC), Level 19, 8 Panthapath, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

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