ThemeForest Trends Report with Infographic

For some time now, our friends in the industry were telling us their insights about the theme sector. Those insights were often of conflicting views – some of them were saying that the theme sales has slowed down; some were saying that the theme sales were rising. Some of our friends were also asking our advice to decide which theme categories were hot and which types of themes to make. So we decided to explore the theme sector data and figure out what are causing these counter-intuitive insights.

Then the question arose, where would we get the data. Since, ThemeForest is the largest marketplace for themes and it shares the sales data publicly, we decided to do our analysis using ThemeForest data. And, what we have come up with is really interesting.

#1 Are theme sales declining? Can new themes generate enough revenue?

  • 33% of ThemeForest’s total items were added in the last 12 months.
  • These items sold more than 924,000 times, accounting for 16% of the marketplace’s lifetime sales.
  • The sales revenue generated from these themes is more than $37 million, accounting for approximately 17% of ThemeForest’s lifetime sales.

You should keep in mind, with the addition of sales data for top themes like Avada and XTheme these sales figures will only increase.

I think, you’ve got the answer by now.ThemeForest is growing. It wouldn’t be wrong if we infer –

  • ThemeForest sales are increasing, and so is the competition.
  • New themes are generating good revenue. So, it still makes sense to design and publish new themes at Themeforest.

#2 Okay, Themeforest has enjoyed nice growth in the last 12 months, but which categories were the growth driver?

  • In last 12 months highest amount of items were added to Site-templates>Creative category with 284 new items, followed by WordPress>Creative>Portfolio category with 268 new items. The third place was taken by WordPress>Creative category with 251 new items.
  • Highest amount of sales revenue from new items came from WordPress>Creative category.

#3 All of these looks good, but is everyone doing good?

In any marketplace only the fittest survive. Themeforest is no different. You will understand d once you look at the following stats.

  • 56% of 18,000+ themes can’t score a sale in a week.
  • 33% of themes have no rating at all.
  • More than 87% of Themeforest’s lifetime revenue came through 16% authors.

#4 Then what do you need to succeed in ThemeForest?

You need four things–

  • Superb theme design
  • Win your customers
  • Marketing
  • Market intelligence to understand trends, competition. And that’s where we come in.

Our market intelligence report will answer the following questions for you.

  • Which categories have higher average revenue and lower competition?
  • Which categories are trending?
  • Which themes are selling more?
  • Who are the outliers in your target category?
  • Which tags should you use to make it easier to find your theme in ThemeForest?
  • Which keywords are trending?**
  • How you should price your theme in each category?
  • Which rating value you need to exceed to succeed on your category?
  • How much sales can you expect?

With the full report, you will also get the spreadsheet containing all our data and analysis which you can use for your own analysis as well.

For the full report, contact us at

In the mean time, feel free to enjoy and share our infographic on ThemeForest.

Themeforest Infographic

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