WordPress.org Theme Stats with Infographic

Couple of days ago, I decided to take a look at the status of WordPress theme repository out of curiosity. After browsing through some themes I decided to collect the stats for all available themes in WordPress repository.

One quick crawl reveals that WordPress theme repository offers 3,027 themes from more than 1,200 authors, as of March 21, 2015. The total amount of theme downloads have exceeded 120 millions. Four of the most downloaded themes are offered by WordPress.org. The only other author who has more than one items in the top ten list is CyberChimps.

The top 10 downloaded themes from WordPress repository are as follows.

  1. Twenty Eleven by WordPress.org (2,716,710 downloads)
  2. Twenty Ten by WordPress.org (2,506,060 downloads)
  3. Responsive by CyberChimps (1,740,892 downloads)
  4. Twenty Twelve by WordPress.org (1,691,473 downloads)
  5. Atahualpa by bytesforall (1,238,794 downloads)
  6. Twenty Thirteen by WordPress.org (1,224,872 downloads)
  7. Suffusion by Sayontan Sinha (1,108,571 downloads)
  8. Customizr by nikeo (949,793 downloads)
  9. iFeature by CyberChimps (936,375 downloads)
  10. Graphene by silverks (915,506 downloads)

The total data includes the following data points.

  • Theme Name
  • Author
  • Downloads
  • Theme Website
  • WordPress Repository URL

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Wordpress.org Theme Repository Infographic

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